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Pilots pound Mount Vernon Nazarene Cougars 89-77


After a trip to Florida and a break in competitive action, the men’s basketball team gathered a decisive triumph over the Cougars of Mount Vernon Nazarene University by a score of 89-77. It was all Pilots in the first twenty minutes of play as Bethel took an i... More »

Annual freshmen banquet was a hit


On Friday, Dec. 10, the annual Freshmen Banquet was held in the Rotunda of the Everest-Rohrer Chapel from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. According to Resident Assistant Jodi Spotts, more freshmen attended than expected because the tickets were sold out and eventually people... More »

Finals week survival guide


Its finals week time again, and if you haven’t started studying yet, don’t worry, there is still hope. I have a few pointers for you to help you prepare for the tests to come. 1. First and foremost, it is important to figure out when your tests are and mark th... More »

Student Council hosts Christmas party


Santa Claus, horse carriage rides, and an array of Christmas cookies were just a few of the highlights of a Yuletide party held Thursday, Dec. 8. The party, which was hosted by Student Council, was open to all Bethel students and free of charge. It was held in... More »

Students feed the hungry


Every Friday a group of students meet outside the Zerelli house (next to campus safety) at 5 p.m. to pray, and then carpool to a bus stop in downtown South Bend to serve those who are less fortunate. This was a simple ministry, Feed the Hungry, started by Ryne... More »

Bethel students respond to Tim Tebow success


Tim Tebow has done it again as he has attained an increasing amount of media attention as the 2011-12 NFL season has progressed. While attending Florida, Tebow seemed to have the “it” factor as he did everything but lose and willed his Gators to several victor... More »

Bethel hosts its 64th annual Christmas concert


The 64th annual Bethel College Christmas Concert warmed hearts with cheer and merriment as the musicians and vocalists brought in the holiday season with song. All three of the Christmas concerts were very well attended. It was also the first Christmas concert... More »

Christmas season can become sick season


Deck the halls with boxes of Kleenex and bottles of Nyquil; ‘tis the season for coughing, sneezing, ear aches, sore throats and sinus congestion. Each year, sickness seems almost inevitable for Bethel College students, whose lifestyles often compromise their h... More »