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Peyton Manning: Gone, but always a Colt


Legend. A word that is thrown around very lightly in sports circles these days if you ask me. However, there are a select few who deserve to have this status placed on them. Peyton Manning is one of those few. On Wednesday, March 8, Manning was released by the... More »

‘Little Women’ draws positive review from students


The relentless hours, commitment, effort, direction and talent poured into the Theatre Department’s production of  “Little Women” paid off in full. The Bethel community agrees this weekend’s musical was a complete success! As a lover of the “Little Women” nove... More »

‘Breaking Dawn’ comes to the big screen


Warning: Spoiler Alert! I, being a fan of the Twilight saga, went to the midnight showing of “Breaking Dawn” Part 1, the fourth of the five film series on Nov. 18. I read all of the books when I was in high school and had seen all of the films in theatres on o... More »