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D.C.’s Take: “Battle of the Sexes”


  It’s Oscar season, and that’s usually the best time for studios to release their films that they hope will be considered one of the best of the year, possibly pushing to be a real contender for the golden statuette. So what better way to get people’s attenti... More »

D.C.’s Take: mother!


I think it’s best to go into a movie as blind as possible. That was my thinking with Darren Aronofsky’s latest film:  “mother!” (sic.). I knew that this film could lead to many discussions among film critics. And, like most of Aronofsky’s films, “mother!” does... More »

D.C.’s Take: “It”


Remember those clown sightings last year, and how it was absolutely scary? The unfortunate people who have a deep phobia of clowns didn’t even get a fair warning before watching the news. Despite what you may think, that wasn’t even a part of a marketing campa... More »

“Hacking the System”” a freshman survival guide


We’re just over a week into the semester and we’ve already reached our first long weekend. And freshmen, if you’re already feeling like you need a long weekend, I’ve got rough news for you…it’s only going to get crazier. But that doesn’t mean you need to panic... More »

D.C.’s Take: ‘Get Out’


Jordan Peele is one of the funniest comedians working, especially this decade. He’s known for, of course, his successful Comedy Central show “Key and Peele,” with Keegan-Michael Key, that I loved. I’ve always loved his work. But it looks like he’s taking a dif... More »

Bethel’s Terry Linhart releases newest book


Bethel College religion and philosophy professor, Terry Linhart recently published his eighth book, “The Self-Aware Leader.” The book helps people coming out of graduation to become leaders in their community and work places. Linhart had a book signing at Beth... More »