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The H2O project helps save lives


The H20 Project is all about saving lives, and when people don’t have clean drinking water that becomes a challenge. In fact, in some parts of the world, one child dies every 15 seconds for lack of clean drinking water and 1.1 billion people are without it. Th... More »

Students form new pro-life group


Recently a new student-run club emerged on campus called Students for Life. “We, as a group, are passionate about pro-life because we want to be a voice for the voiceless and the defenseless,” said sophomore and president of the group, Anna Tinklenberg. “We wa... More »

LiNK and Bethel come face-to-face


Members from LiNK headquarters are traveling from Cali to Bethel. On Thursday Oct. 28, LiNK members are sharing a documentary screening on North Korean refugees in China. The film will be showing in AC 342 at 8 p.m. “I’m really excited for the Bethel community... More »

Group strives for Liberty in North Korea


North Korea is a country that most people probably know very little about. It is just another country on the other side of the world that is not relevant to our daily lives. The typical person probably has no clue that over a million people died in the mid 199... More »

Q&A with Bethel’s Director of Semester Abroad


Joshua Winningham: What is the best part about being the Director of Semester Abroad? Brent Reimer: The best part about being the Director of SA is that I get to spend time with awesome students who are taking a risk by leaving home and country.  It is so grea... More »

Love is in the air


By Rebecca Harness Love is in the air! Bethel College has had at least six different couples get married this past summer, and three out of the six had met their significant others here on campus. “It wasn’t like I had planned on finding my husband here,” said... More »

One person’s journey through cancer


“Oh my goodness, I have cancer!” That is what Jill Hostetler thought as she walked through the hall of the gynecologist office eight years ago. At the age of 43, Hostetler was in for one of the biggest struggles of her life. It was a busy day in the music depa... More »

‘Glee’ focuses on issues kids face every day


Everyone faces trials growing up, especially in high school. The Fox network has developed a unique show that focuses on trials and issues kids face in high school, but with a certain musical twist. The show is “GLEE,” which airs on Fox Tuesdays at 8 p.m. “‘GL... More »

Evolution of Yonkers


“‘Lost in Yonkers’ was heart-warming, yet heart wrenching,” said junior Alysha Miles. “I saw it twice and both times I enjoyed it; it took my breath away.” There is no doubt in the minds of those who watched the latest theater production that it is a touching ... More »

Hamman considered intramural volleyball czar


Bethel junior Rosten Hamman is what you might call the school’s intramural volleyball czar. Every Tuesday night you’ll find him at Goodman Gymnasium, keeping the games running smoothly. “I am in charge of setting up the volleyball equipment, as well as the bre... More »