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Bethel faculty, staff and students comment on upcoming net neutrality vote

 - Wesley Lantz, Joshua Goodwin, Emily SeCheverell, Clayton Sidenbender and Philip Arndt

On November 21, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman Ajit Pai announced that the FCC will be taking a vote on December 14 on whether or not to repeal the Obama-era rules regarding what’s known as “net neutrality.” Net neutrality refers to a set of ... More »


Chapel brings Reformation theology to daily application


For the past few weeks, Bethel’s chapel has been focused on the Reformation; more specifically on some of the theological tenets that have evolved from the posting of the 95 Theses 500 years ago. In an interesting move, Student Life has opted to not focus the ... More »

What can Bethel students do over fall break?


Slider Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash With fall break fast approaching, many Bethel students are looking forward to a moment to step back from school and relax. But for many students, the Mishawaka area is a vast, untamed concrete jungle. Here to help, the B... More »

Campus Activities changes hands with new school year


Over the summer, Campus Activities has had a few changes.  Right at the beginning of the school year, Reed Lyons, the now former director of Campus Activities announced in chapel that the campus life organization has changed hands.  What does that mean for thi... More »

Why is WCAC so Laid Back?


Every spring semester, Bethel College hosts the World Christian Action Conference (WCAC) chapel series. Normally this comes with class cancellations, evening chapels and an announcement of one of Bethel’s services that we can use to grow in our faith as Christ... More »