Tuesday, 1 of December of 2015

Paris attacks prove to be the most recent stage for ISIS

On November 13, the nation of Paris was tragically affected by the latest series of attacks led by the terror group, ISIS. The attacks consisted of a series of suicide-vest explosions coordinated alongside multiple shootings and hostage situations across Paris, France. The violence began Friday, Nov. 13 amidst an international soccer match being played between […]

Bill Jones discusses Paris attacks and French response

Most of us have already heard of the attacks on Paris by the terror organization ISIS. But for most of us, it was simply a tragedy that happened halfway across the world. For Bill Jones, however, it was a bit more close to home. Jones and his wife Debbie are World Partners missionaries-in-residence here at […]

Editorial: We’ve got bigger beans to roast: why I don’t care about the Starbucks ‘controversy’

Christmastime is a time for peace on earth and goodwill toward men. Well, until they mess with our Starbucks cups, apparently. Here’s the story: this Christmas season, Starbucks made its annual redesign for their coffee cups. Generally, they add some holiday flair to their drinks: from hand-drawn reindeer and snowflakes to cartoons of kids having […]

Chicago Cubs stun the world with season for the ages

“This is the year!” This phrase, nay, this battle cry is what Chicago Cubs fans have been optimistically persisting in for over 107 years. Having last won a championship in 1908, the team is most definitely parched for a sense of real, tangible success at the highest stage in all of Major League Baseball. Time […]

Bethel track team is running to nationals

This is the first time in Bethel College history that both the Men and Women’s track teams have simultaneously won the 2015 NCCAA Indoor Track and Field Championships. In addition, 12 women and 10 men have qualified to compete at the NAIA Indoor Track and Field National Championships held March 5-7, 2015 at the Spire […]