Wednesday, 26 of October of 2016

2016 World Series: The battle of the losers

October is finally here, which means the bite of cold days will begin to haunt people of the Midwest as they prepare for the cold months to come. However, amidst all of this cold arises an annual sports tradition that warms people unlike any other. We’re talking about Major League Baseball’s “Fall Classic,” better known […]

Two brothers take the stage together in Bethel’s theatre department

The Bethel College Theatre Department’s production of “Shadowlands” on Thursday-Saturday, Sept. 29-Oct. 1 featured eight Bethel students and one child from the local community. But what perhaps fewer people knew was that cast member Austin Lantz, a Bethel student through the REACH program, is actually a junior in high school. Lantz seems to be following […]

Review: a rather Wicked sensation

It’s been 13 years, but there seems to be no stopping one show that’s still defying all that gravity can throw at it. I’m speaking, of course, of Stephen Schwartz’s smash hit Broadway show “Wicked.” First released in 2003, “Wicked” tells the “untold story” of the witches of Oz before Dorothy quite literally flew onto […]

MOVIE REVIEW: Zootopia: a modern Disney classic in the making

“Zootopia” is one of, if not the greatest animated Disney movie released in recent years.  The film combines the perfect balance of childish fantasy with adult themes and commentary. I sat down in my padded theater seat and collected my bearings as I anxiously awaited the arrival of a film I had not heard very much about.  It’s […]

Mary Poppins: The magic of flying

The theater is a place where it appears as though anything is possible. Individuals embrace new characters and magical events take place. One magical aspect within the theater is the concept of flying; suddenly a character is soaring through the air enticing the audience members with every whirl. But how does this magical occurrence take […]