Thursday, 23 of February of 2017

D.C.’s Take: ‘Lion’

True stories can sometimes be seen as manipulative. But some films this year, such as “Sully” or even “Hidden Figures,” which are based on true stories, pulled it off with the material they were given while still tugging on the heartstrings. Plus, it wouldn’t be Oscar season if there wasn’t a true story involved. The […]

D.C.’s Take: The 89th Academy Award Nominations

It’s that time of the year again for us film fans. On Jan. 24, we were given the nominations for the 89th Academy Awards, along with speculations about what lucky film will get the chance to get in as the best of the best that 2016 has given us. This year has both surprises and […]

Dave Schmidt: Bethel history professor/oldest ‘Wacko’ in Wiekamp

Anyone who’s seen the infamous ‘Weikamp Wackos,’ sitting mid-court for all home games at the Weikamp Athletic Center knows that there are certain things that just don’t change. First of all, these energetic fans will find the strangest ways to dress themselves for games, including denim short-shorts and the occasional Superman onesie. Secondly, these fans […]

D.C.’s Take: ‘Split’

You have to wonder if you have other identities inside of your head. Sometimes I think, “Maybe there’s someone in my head who’s cool.” But here’s something else to wonder: is M. Night Shyamalan getting back to his roots into writing and directing solid films? Perhaps trying to bring back the suspense into his style […]

DC’s Take: ‘Patriots Day’

Throughout our lives, there are things that occur that reflect how much the world has changed throughout history, and we can’t forget them. Many tragedies build upon everyone affected by their outcome. Hopefully, those affected will come together to put an end to the madness. For me, I remember coming home from school in April […]